The Strathroy furniture company opened in 1896, and operated under that name until 1938. The factory was closed from 1938 to 1941, when it was taken over by Somerville Ltd. Somerville made shell casing containers during the war, and wooden games after. In 1953, it incorporated as Strathroy Industries Ltd. This company made bedroom and dining room furniture and stereo and TV cabinets. They employed 190 people.

In 1956, Philips Toronto acquired the plant, and began making stereos and TVís. Strathroy Furniture bought out Philips in 1980, and returned to building residential furniture. Stereo and TV production was phased out. The company was bought by Wilfred Karldon in 1985, but the name stayed the same.

In 1987, Strathroy Furniture won 4 first-place Trillium Awards, for furniture marketing, production, design and value. The plant switched over to automated production in 1991.

On July 15, 1992, the company declared bankruptcy, probably due to the depressed economy of the early 90ís. A liquidation sale was held in October, 1992.

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