Take a walk along the Sydenham River and you might find a few creatures that surprise you!

Eastern Hognose Snake (Heterodon platyrhinos)

This Eastern Hognose Snake looks dangerous, but don’t worry; he’s harmless.Courtesy of Scott Gillingwater
This Eastern Hognose Snake looks dangerous, but don't worry; he's harmless. Courtesy of Scott Gillingwater
The Eastern Hognose Snake is a thick-bodied, dark-coloured snake which can grow up to 84cm (33") long. Like other reptiles, the Eastern Hognose Snake is very shy, but when confronted will put on a dramatic display; Hissing loudly and spreading its neck like a cobra, the Eastern Hognose can release a smelly musk, and even attack with an open mouth. But this snake is totally harmless and when all of these scare tactics donít drive an attacker away, it will roll over and play dead!

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