These are wavy-rayed Lampmussels. (<i>Lampsilis fasciola).
These are wavy-rayed Lampmussels. (Lampsilis fasciola).
Have you ever found a mussel in a river? Did you know that there are over 34 different types of mussels in the Sydenham River? A freshwater mussel is a creature that lives on the bottom of rivers and streams partially or completely buried in the sediment. The Sydenham River has more mussel species than any other body of water in Canada.

The Mussels of the Sydenham River come in many different sizes, shapes, textures and colours. They can be as small as your thumbnail or as big as your hand. Their shell can have bumps that look like warts and pimples or they can have smooth ridges. Their colour can range from dandelion yellow to lime green.

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