Cast members of the Lyceum Theatre’s production ofPatience, 1894.
Cast members of the Lyceum Theatre's production of Patience, 1894.
At the turn of the twentieth century, many villages along the Sydenham River were wealthy enough to enjoy a thriving theatre culture. Halls would be used to show off the localsí singing, dancing, and musical skills as well as for speeches and debates. As communities became more established, travelling acts would perform in the local hall.

Strathroy residents were lucky enough to have two halls; the Albert Hall, built in 1878, and the Lyceum Theatre, opened in 1894.

The Albert could seat 488 people, and was located at the corner of Caradoc and Front streets. It featured a chandelier and hot air pipe heating, both luxuries in 1878. The theatres first production was an opera. In 1889, an amateur production of Gilbert and Sullivanís H.M.S. Pinafore commanded an entry price of 25 cents.

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