When World War One broke out in 1914, Canada was still considered a rustic country, lacking an adequate army. British officers thought of Canadians as poor fighters, unable to win battles on their own. The battle of Vimy Ridge helped to change this attitude. This battle was planned and carried out entirely by Canadians, defeating the enemy where both Britain and France had failed.

Sir Arthur Currie
Sir Arthur Currie
At Vimy Ridge, the Canadians were commanded by Sir Arthur Currie. He was the first Canadian to command Canadian soldiers, and insisted that Canadian soldiers should stay together rather than being broken up to add to Britainís regiments.

Currie was born in Napperton, Ontario in 1875, and attended Strathroy Collegiate Institute. He joined the militia at a young age, before the outbreak of the war. Currie moved up the ranks quickly, and by 1915, he was commanding officer.

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