Strathroy Middlesex Museum
(519) 245-0492

Strathroy Middlesex Museum’s permanent collection has more than 5000 artefacts, along with an extensive photographic archive documenting the history of the Strathroy-Caradoc community. The collection highlights all aspects of times-gone-by; from the Victorian period to the present; and all aspects of lifestyle including clothing, furniture, toys, tools, appliances are featured.

Oil Museum of Canada
(519) 834-2840

The Oil Museum of Canada is located on the site of North America's first commercial oil well, dug in 1858 by James Miller Williams. The Museum commemorates the pioneers of the oil industry and relates how their fascinating story unfolded.

Petrolia Discovery
(519) 882-0897

The Petrolia Discovery gives to its audiences a deeper appreciation of those Canadian pioneers who struggled to understand and control a resource but were too late to stop it from slipping through their fingers. The visitor will find here the workshop and training ground of a body of men who, 120 years ago, went into the world to found what would become one of the world's biggest industries, but whose story is largely untold or forgotten...

Mt. Brydges, ON
(519) 264-2420

Ska-Nah-Doht is a recreated Iroquoian village of 1,000 years ago. The name Ska-Nah-Doht is from the Oneida language, meaning "a village stands again.” Although not built on an actual site, the village is based on data collected by archaeologists and from the traditions passed down to today's Iroquoian people.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin
(519) 683-2978

Uncle Tom's Cabin Historic Site, operated by the St. Clair Parks Commission, commemorates the life of Reverend Josiah Henson and his contributions to the infamous Underground Railroad. It was Henson's life experiences that inspired Ms. Stowe's creation of the character Uncle Tom in her 1852 outcry against slavery.

Wallaceburg and District Museum
(519) 627-9859

The Museum documents the beginning of our community from the failure of Lord Selkirk's Baldoon settlement, in 1804, to its reputation as a tool and die manufacturing centre and Canada's "Glasstown."

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