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Geology is the study of the structure of the earth, which was formed over billions of years.

the sydenham river at tupperville
The Sydenham River at Tupperville

About 600 million years ago, some of the first living things developed protective outer shells called exoskeletons. When these creatures died, their shells were left in the mud of the earth s vast inland seas.

Those shells are still with us today. Over millions of years, the shells hardened to form the shale and limestone in Southwestern Ontario. You can still see them today; they re the fossils you find exposed in the banks of rivers!

The story of shale and limestone is just one that geology can tell us about this area. The shape of the earth, the soil found here, and the movement of glaciers hundreds of thousands of years ago, are just some of the tales waiting for you in this section of the exhibit.

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