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In school, when you study biology, you study all living things. Biology explores everything from creatures that can only be seen through a microscope to the giant elephants that roams the savanna. In a single afternoon you could learn about how many creatures live, eat, sleep and play. You could learn about how creatures interact with the environment around them. It is often said that biology is the study of life.

wildflowers on a prarie slide
Wildflowers on a prairie slide.

To learn about biology, we don’t always have to be in a classroom. We can go for a walk on local trails, and watch the squirrels or the birds. Or, we can go on the internet, and learn about the animals and plants in our own backyard.

This section of the exhibit explores the living things that fill the Sydenham River watershed. We like to think of it a virtual hike, through one of Ontario’s most beautiful regions.

The Sydenham river is the only river in Canada that falls entirely within the Carolinian Life Zone, with the the longest frost-free seasons and the mildest winters in Ontario. The Carolinian Life Zone boasts more types of plants and animals than any other ecosystem in Canada.

To start exploring the river, click on any vignette below:

vignette A.W. Campbell Conservation Area vignette Carolinian Canada
vignette River Bottom Critters vignette The Sydenham River Canoe Race
vignette Nature's Highway vignette Species at Risk
vignette Rare Trees of the Sydenham River vignette The American Badger
vignette The Drooping Trillium vignette Birds Of Prey
vignette The Sydenham Has A Lot Of "Mussel!" vignette Nature In Winter
vignette Secretive Creatures of the Sydenham vignette Vanishing Tall Grass Prairies
vignette The Eastern Spiny Softshell Turtle vignette Something's Fishy!